CEPyC of the Spanish Ministry of Presidency, publishes: Derechos e intereses. Qué podemos aprender de la "analytical jurisprudence of rights"

Doctoral thesis of our postdoc researcher "Margarita Salas": Miguel Fernández Núñez

 We are pleased to announce to you with great honor that the   Center for Political and Constitutional Studies of the Ministry of   the Presidency of the Government of Spain, has just published:   "Derechos e intereses. Qué podemos aprender de la "analytical   jurisprudence of rights"  by Miguel Fernández Núñez, researcher   at the Chair of Legal Culture

 The book is the result of his doctoral thesis, done in a double degree Università degli Studi di Genova – Universitat de Girona, with a prologue by Pierluigi Chiassoni.

More information about the book can be found at the following link.

We share the back cover:

What does it mean to “have a right”? What are rights for? These are two central questions for the understanding of social and regulatory phenomena and, especially, the legal phenomenon. For this reason, they have concerned a large part of contemporary analytical philosophy of law. This work examines the responses of the leading Anglo-Saxon law philosophers who have faced such questions, from Jeremy Bentham to Matthew Kramer. Likewise, based on the reconstruction of the analytical jurisprudence of rights and the critical examination of its arguments, assumptions and implications, this book develops a theoretical and metatheoretical map of rights. In particular, it explains the contexts of use of rights and formulates the conceptual network in which they are inscribed – in which the notions of “interest” and “duty” stand out – as well as the relationships between these notions, based on multiple models. legal theorists and practices.